Friday, January 15, 2010

Woah! Slow down!!

My boys are definitely not babies anymore.=( Zack has been telling me almost everyday that he needs to go to school. REALLY?! I can't believe he's so eager to start. I been looking around at preschools for him to start this August. I just can't believe that we are already at this point with him. I remember when we first found out I was pregnant with him, the pregnancy, the birth, the everything. Jack is growing up just as fast. He hardly has daytime potty accidents. (Well I'm ready for that part, lol) He says new words everyday. Their both like half my height lol. It almost seems like they transformed over night. They fight all the time. I remember the times where Zack was so loving to Jack. I remember both of them being loving to Stetson. Maybe theres a secret age where they know they can start the whole sibling rivalry.

I officially put my application in to go to college. It's only a junior college, but I don't care for the only university thats here. If I'm accepted into the program, I will be going for my pre-lvn cert. I'm really excited, but don't want to get my hopes up. Its not easy getting into nursing school since there is limited space. The college has professors come from othe universities so you don't have to transfer out. I kind of like that idea, but I might transfer our anyways. Before I had the boys I had my heart set out on UT. Now I'm interested in TCU. I like the programs it offers, its campus, its location, and where it does clinicals. Like I said though, it's really hard to get in, but thats not going to stop me from trying.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The dentist was able to move Zack's appointment up. We were able to get everything done this past Monday. Everything went great. It took only about 45 minutes to do it all. He was cranky for a few hours afterwards. They gave him two popsicles so he wasn't too upset. When we left we went to McD's and got him a chocolate shake. By the time we got home, he was back to his normal self.

Potty training gets better by the day. We are still putting Jack in diapers and now he takes it off to go peepee and poopoo now. Hopefully not much longer we will be able to wear underwear and not have to buy diapers!!!! I'm excited about not having to buy diapers anymore.

Well it's been almost 6 months since Stetson passed and we still haven't received his death certificates. I called the Vital Statistics and they say the funeral home should have it! WTF!! The funeral home hasn't called us about it. At this point we're furious with the funeral home. I wished we have chose a different one. The director is the most insensitive you know what. We chose him because thats who Matt's family has used before. I be damned if I ever use them again. Anyways...I can't believe its been almost 6 months. His birthday is less than 6 months away. I know its going to be a very hard day for us. We'll make it through. We're still trying to adjust. I know I can't always be sad, but sometimes it seems wrong to be happy because he's not here. I miss him.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had to put our computer in the shop because some how the screen got busted. Thank goodness we bought the warranty because it would have been close to $300. Anyways a few things happened during this time. Our friends from Abilene came to visit. It was great for me. For one, I have only went to see one friend since we have been back in Waco. It was nice to catch up also without spending hours on the phone. Thankfully we have the same service provider because our phone bills would be through the roof, lol. When they were here, they brought their daughters. Their youngest daughter was 7 weeks when they were here. Thats the age Stetson was when he was initially hospitalized. I thought it would be hard on me. Well we all thought it would be. My friend told me she was a little anxious about I would do. I think I did great. I didn't even cry. Came close but didn't. I think I held her more than anyone else did that weekend. I think my friend enjoyed the break though. It wasn't the same as holding one of my own, but it was still a great feeling. Jack's 2nd birthday fell on this weekend. It was good and very low key. I made dinner and then we had an ice cream cake that I made. I got him books. He has been really interested in books lately, so I want to help keep him interested. He seems to really like the Dr. Suess books. I think I previously mentioned The Foot Book. Sometimes I want to throw that book out the window. I don't even have to look at the book to read it anymore.

Potty training is going ok. Zachary has it down besides overnight. He can take naps without accidents but he can't make it through the night. Jack usually has 2-3 accidents a day. I think that he just gets so busy doing other things that he forgets. He has made it through one nap without an accident. I'm hoping in the next few months we will be diaper free. That will be a strange feeling since we have been buy diapers since Zachary was born, so almost four years.

We took the boys to the dentist. Jacks teeth were good and so he only got a cleaning. Zachary wasn't so fortunate. They did x-rays and decided that he had four abcess teeth. They gave us a prescription and a referral to a pediatric dentist. Well they gave us three different ones. A few days ago we took him to Georgetown to see the pedi. dentist. I really like this dentist. His office just had a great atmosphere and the boys seemed to be really comfortable with him. They did more x-rays and he decided that Zack needed work on 12 of his teeth. He has to get four pulpotomies which are like root canals. He will be getting crowns for those. The rest need sealants.They were able to schedule us only 3 weeks out. He will do everything in his office with general anesthia. Hopefully be the end of the month Zacks teeth will be good to go. Since Zacks teeth are so bad we have decided to make Jack drink out of regular cups instead of sippys.