Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time for an Update

     Here it is December again. Almost another year gone again. While this year has been rough, I don't think it was as bad as last year. Since I last updated we had to deal with Stetsons first birthday. It was filled with sadness, emptiness, and confusion. We didn't know how to celebrate it, or even if it was right to celebrate. It was a rough day. We didn't do much of anything that day, just laid around. Another day we had to get through was the first anniversary of his death and that was a tough one too. Although they were both bad, I think his birthday was the hardest.
     In my last post I talked about how I had just put in the application for college. Well I started and I'm now done with my first semester. I LOVE college!! I've wanted to go to college for awhile now, and I'm in love with it. My first semester I took a remedial math and english class, along with a pyschology class. They were all fairly easy, not what I would call challenging. I made two B's and one A. I could have easily made higher grades than these if I had put more into it. The remedial classes were like a review, so I found them quite boring. I am registered for the next semester and am going full time. I will be taking general pyschology, intro to anatomy and pyhsiology, medical terms, and speech. I'm really excited to get started on these because these are important prereqs. for me to get into the nursing program. I think my last post says LVN, but I have decided that the associates RN degree is a better choice for me.
     Matt has started a new job, which pays a lot better and works less. He seems to really enjoy his job, which is something I have never seen, haha. I'm glad that he has finally found a job that he is happy with. I had quit my job in October. I had quit so that I could focus more of my time on school, which definitely paid off. I am now working only a day and a half back at the same company.
     Christmas is almost here and I actually feel a little bit of the spirit. This year we actually plan on spending the holidays with family unlike last year. Its December 11th and we still haven't gotten a tree yet, lol. I'm a little stressed out at this point because we have only shopped for 5 people!! We are on the countdown and theres only 14 days!! 13 days for the family we'll be seeing on christmas eve!!! Then after that Jacks 3rd birthday! While I love this time of year, I'm so ready for it to be over.
     Speaking of Jacks third birthday, I'm really dreading it. After all the things we've been through the past for years, I'm really nervous about Jack turning 3. When Jack was in the PICU at Scott & White, the doctors found all of his heart problems. Well one issue was medicated and taken care of. They told us at the age of three, they wanted to do an evaluation of the hole in his heart. They told us that there was a chance that the hold may close up on its own. It still scares the hell out of me. After seeing Stetson going through so many surgeries involving his heart, it terrifies me what could happen to Jack.
     Now that we are living in a place thats bigger than 200sqft. I'm hoping to keep this blog updated more.



  1. best of luck at school and happy holidays!

  2. Thank you! Happy holidays to you too!