Wednesday, January 19, 2011


School is going great and even better than last semester. This semester should definitely be more challenging for me. I'm going full time and taking all my classes online this semester. I had a small doubt about how disciplined I would be at getting my assignments done. So far the I'm at the second week in and I'm doing great!!! I'm very proud of myself so far. I think I'll continue to do great because I'm so highly motivated to do this. I've had 3 assignments in my general psychology class and my average is at a 100! It would be awesome if I could keep it that way. I had a quiz for my speech class and missed only two problems. I'm going to be challenged in speech. I have to make videos of myself and post them to youtube for a grade, lol. I was able to make an account on youtube, now just to be able to upload the videos will be the tricky part,lol. Medical Terminology is way easy. We do a chapter each week and have a quiz every Friday. Very simple and easy for me to get ahead. My a&p class is pretty much a repeat of my science classes in high school. However, I been out of high school for four years so when we are doing two chapters a week and another chapter, then a test, it has kind of become overwhelming. I'm just going to take it step by step. Its just a huge review and a few things are new also, but not a whole lot. Overall I know a lot of people doubted me, which made me doubt myself. So far I can say that I proved these people wrong. I don't think ANYONE knows just how bad I want this. I tell people, but they just give me that look, like they expect me to not follow through. I used to be pretty motivated by things that I was passionate about, but lost it somewhere on the way. After everything that I have been through in the past years, has returned my motivation. Even after the pain of losing a child, I can now say that I absolutely love where my life is at and even more, the direction its taking. =)

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