Thursday, November 5, 2009

My thoughts about 2009

I hate 2009!!

I hate this year with a passion. In February a tree limb fell through our travel trailer during an ice storm. I should have taken that as a sign. This year a family friend has died. My mother in law's step mother died. Our dog died. My mother in law's dog died. Matt's hours got cut back. Stetson got sick and died. My mother in law had another dog die. Now a fellowe member from Cafemom has lost her mother to the Ft. Hood shootings today. WTF?? Why is so many bad things happening this year? It's not fucking fair that there has been so much death. I'm tired of hearing of someone dying every week. Many celebrities have even died this year. A little girl name Brooke lost her life to cancer. A woman died from cancer before I could send her my wigs. A woman lost her husband after he had been deployed. He died in a damned motorcycle accident. I'm tired of seeing all this. I will never forget this horrible year. I hate this year!!!!

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