Monday, November 9, 2009

What a day!

Today started off ok. Cleaned and cooked all morning. Nothing really going wrong. Matt called me and told me that he has went down a pant size, lol. He's self-conscientous about his weight and so this was making him feel good today. Well the day goes by ok. I tried to make cookies but somehow turned into more of a cross between a fudge and brittle, lol. Don't ask how, it just did. Anyways Matt calls me this afternoon with the bad news. He tells me he'll be home soon. I was thinking ok the job ended earlier. WRONG! He's been fired!! He's being fired over last month's fuel bill. It was only $1300! Ok I know this sounds like a lot but he was driving to Synder, Mineral Wells, and down by Laredo. Well no shit, the bill is going to be higher than the guys working around the shop. Well one of the bigger bosses doesn't like Matt and has been trying to find a reason to fire him forever. Well, he finally got his way. I'm way stressed over this, but I think in the long run it's for the best. Matt has been having to work with alcholics and drugatics this whole time. He has had assistants walk off in the middle of a job and end up in jail. This business is a joke. I have put Matt's resume into four jobs so hopefully something will come up and soon, too. I've been wanting Matt to change jobs for awhile now because of all the crap thats involved with this job. It's so bad that Matt has caught two guys smoking weed at the jobsite!! Man Matt was furious that night. This job has gotten us to get things but honestly I rather be broke and hardly have anything at all than to deal with this. The jobs I sent Matts resume to are the same type of work he's doing now. Bad thing is that they are in different states. It looks like we'll be back on the road again.

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