Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not fired yet...

Matt hasn't been completely fired. Matts manager went above his boss to the owner of the company to talk about Matt's job. The owner told Matts boss which is Shane that if they can come up with the connection of all the places Matt has worked and where he got gas he could keep his job. Honestly this is b.s. because Matt hasn't used his fuel card for personal use. Matt is going to go ahead and try to not get fired, especially since he's never been fired from a job. He has put an application into 6 companies and was referred to two more by inspectors. Today he had to show his replacement what to do at the job. He told the chief inspectors what was going on and he was so mad. He asked Matt for his supervisors phone number so that he could talk to them. Honestly it's a bad time because we are still behind on some things, but I think it will be a blessing for Matt to get away from this company. Last time I talked to Matt he was on his way back to Abilene. He should be here some time tomorrow. Oh I can't wait, lol!! It's been a month since we seen him last. That alone should tell the managers that he isn't using it for personal use or he would have already been up here. Oh well...I just hope Matt will get hired through one of these other companies, even if it means moving to end of the country to the other.

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